“Veteran Montreal writer Kucharsky’s insightful look at how the funeral home industry is trying to make death a user-friendly experience is an enjoyable and efficiently written piece. He covers all the bases of a subject matter that most people would rather not discuss – which would explain why the topic receives so little media attention. From start to finish, he spices his story with a clever and breezy style, with quotes from leaders in the industry, interesting facts and even a closing reference to HBO’s Six Feet Under television series.”
Judges’ comments on award-winning feature that won Danny a gold medal in the Best Retail Article category at the 2007 Canadian Business Press’ K.R. Wilson Awards.


“…Your writing is of such high quality that you’re an unusually tough writer to cut without losing real substance. You don’t leave any flab to make it easy to tighten your stuff…In the case of most writers, having to make little nips and tucks to the copy actually improves it, because it gets rid of a slight degree (or, in some cases, an unfortunate degree) of flabbiness. But – and this is a real compliment to the quality of the writing you do for us – your copy has about as much flab as Michael Jordan does.”
Jim McElgunn, Senior Editor, Profit Magazine; former Managing Editor, Marketing Magazine


“It’s been great working on the Letters from Montreal together. You’ve come up with some innovative and thoughtful Montreal perspectives. And made my job especially easy on this front.”
Margaret Nearing, former Managing Editor, Chatelaine; former Managing Editor, Marketing Magazine


“Did my very best to think of picky, annoying editorial type questions to follow up on your two Marketers that Mattered profiles, but nothing…oh, dear I’ve failed as an editor. Maybe next feature…Thanks for all your great work on these. Nice stories, great quotes, lots of stats.”
Margaret Nearing, former Managing Editor, Chatelaine; former Managing Editor, Marketing Magazine


“I hope everyone will make time to read Danny’s feature on Quebecor, our Media Player of the Year. As usual, he did a great job, but I’d also like to point out his treatment of the sidebar on Videotron. The point is that Videotron is trying to improve its customer service, but Danny’s approach is humorous and the banter between the executives not only shows Pierre Karl (Péladeau’s) sense of humour, but gets away from the usual stiff corporate speak we so often read in business stories.”
E-mail to staff from Angela Kryhul, Editor at Large, Marketing Magazine